Supervision - Maintenance

of your property or garden

Property Supervision - Maintenance

While away you can feel safe for your house, since Kastis Constructions Real Estate has taken care of it, too. W can supervise your property with often visits and observe if any repair is necessary. We let you know right away by phone or email and proceed with the work the way you would act if you were present, with all the necessary care and supervision.

Garden Supervision - Maintenance

Our experienced team who take care of the garden can give to your plants and trees the care needed by automatic irrigation, visiting regularly, so that your house always has the nice view it has when you live in it.

Pool Supervision - Maintenance

Kastis Constructions can supervise for the maintenance of a swimming pool to be clean. The Pool Maintenance Team restores any damage or supervises its renovation and informs you when needed.

General Services

Property Cleaning Services and Public Spaces.

Cleaning Services for any kind of property, schools, Medical clinics, Public Services, offices, construction and industrial places.

Bill payment services for your property

Kastis Constructions can also take over any kind of payments such as bills or bank transactions for people who do not live in Leros, tax documents and any kind of transactions.

Surveillance system installation

Our Company , having experienced partners, can take care of your property installing CCTV systems . The specific service can also be controlled by you through Internet in real- time conditions.

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