Kastis ConstructionsConstructions

We have been active in constructing both private and public works since 1968. 50 years of unstoppable work and experience in the specific field, which makes us better.

Our great equipment, the right projects, our perfect cooperation with the best professionals who work with us for years, ranks us at the top places in the construction field.

The outcome rewards even the most demanding client, giving him in the end his property completed within the time demanded, obeying with the standards which are demanded by the European Instructions, certifying the quality of the services we offer to our clients with ISO 9001:2015 and guaranteed by Kastis Construction Real Estate.

Our company provides the study of the land so that the building is constructed with safety, architectural aesthetics, right allocation of Internal and External areas, all adjusted to your needs. Kastis Constructions will survey and take over the legal and technical procedures, the completion of purchase documents with a local solicitor, all the necessary legal procedures to obtain the property if you live abroad, provided that your purchase covers your needs.

Also, there will be frequent update on the course of the works in order to start and complete the construction of your new house.

A team of experienced Engineers- Architects will join to carry out the Project and the Supervision for the proper construction of the building.

There is a daily check of the construction process and cost management for your right update, even in case you are abroad by email. As the construction proceeds, our company keeps informing you by photos through email. Kastis Constructions makes sure of the quality of the materials used to ensure the quality of your building.

The work proceeds with the guarantee of Kastis Constructions supervision and the work is almost complete. Now it is time for the surrounding place. The Agronomist will make his own recommendations. You will be informed by photo maquettes which will depict the outer area of your house and the final decision is yours.

The only thing left is us to give you your keys and wish you the best for your new residence. Our company has taken into consideration our more demanding clientele, who want maintenance ( painting work, small additional bits and pieces you wish to improve and generally any amenities you might need).

Now you know that the only thing you need to do is pick up your phone and call us the company which will care the most for you. Give us a call to see together the purchase of your new property.


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